Born 1978, Auckland, New Zealand

Selected Exhibitions



  • Movement
    Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt (with Jeena Shin)
  • Painting
    Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland (solo)


  • Necessary Distraction: A Painting Show
    Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, Auckland
  • Ngā Toi | Arts Te Papa
    Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington


  • A world undone: Works from the Chartwell Collection
    Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, Auckland
  • When I paint my masterpiece
    Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland
  • From under the house
    Peter McLeavey, Wellington (solo)



  • Hedge
    Hopkinson Cundy, Auckland (solo)
  • The New Fair, Melbourne (with Hopkinson Cundy)
  • The Imperial Project, 44 Queen St, Auckland


  • Black and Blue
    Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington (solo)
  • Monochromes
    30 Customs St East, Auckland (solo)
  • Studs
    Y3K, Melbourne (solo)
  • Big Refrigerator
    Hopkinson Cundy, Auckland


  • Studies
    Hopkinson Cundy, Auckland (solo)
  • The Department Store, Auckland (solo)
  • Zodiac
    Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington (curated by Erica van Zon)
  • Two Man Shoe
    Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington (with Nick Austin)


  • Dreamhome/Shithouse
    Gambia Castle, Auckland (solo)
    Customs St studio, Auckland (solo)
  • Cross Colouring
    Hell Gallery, Melbourne (curated by Harriet Morgan and Sarah Hopkinson)
  • We Go Far, and Way Back
    Show Gallery, New York


  • Six Man Stand-up Tent: Real Men Were Homos
    Gambia Castle, Auckland (solo)
  • Lean
    Starkwhite, Auckland (solo)
  • The Leisure Suite
    LeRoy Neiman Gallery, University of Columbia, New York


  • Country Painting
    Starkwhite, Auckland, New Zealand (solo)
  • 90% & Untitled
    LEDGE gallery, Hamilton (with John Reynolds)
  • Andrew Barber Andrew Barber
    Gambia Castle, Auckland (solo)
  • …from the directors collection
    SNO gallery, Sydney


  • Andrew Barber
    N.O.T. Toowoomba, Queensland (solo)
  • Danish Designs, gone bust, lost forever…
    Dep_art_ment, Auckland (solo)
    NEXT WAVE Festival, Melbourne (with Nicholas Spratt, Kylie Duncan and Kirsten Dryburgh)
  • Month of April: An exhibition in four parts
    Canary Gallery, Auckland (curated by Julian Dashper and Simon Ingram)
  • Painting of the Future
    Canary Gallery, Auckland (with Stephen Bram, curated by Ben Curnow)
  • HEADWAY: New Artists Show 2006
    ARTSPACE, Auckland (curated by Brian Butler and Laura Preston)
  • Famous Artworks
    Canary Galley, Auckland
  • One God, No Masters
    Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington


  • Andrew Barber
    rm 103, Auckland
    Dep_art_ment, Auckland
  • Duets II
    rm 103, Auckland (with Sriwhana Spong and Lisa Benson)
  • Fifty-nine Metres Squared
    Canary Gallery, Auckland (with Ben Buchanan, Bjorn Houtman, Steve Kay and Jeena Shin)


  • Andrew Barber Breaks A Leg
    Canary Gallery, Auckland
  • you can take the boy out of the _____ but you can’t take the _____ out of the boy
    rm 103, Auckland
  • #2:04/06/04-04/07/04
    Parade, Auckland
  • Ship of Fools
    Canary Gallery, Auckland (with Paula Booker)
  • Waterworks
    rm 103, Auckland
  • Rm Service
    Enjoy Gallery, Wellington
  • Duets
    Ramp Gallery, Hamilton
  • Snowball
    rm 103, Auckland
  • Quite Conclusively the Best End of Year Show Ever
    rm 103, Auckland


  • Cheap L.P.
    rm 103, Auckland (with Clinton Watkins and Bjorn Houtman)
  • Images of Desire
    Winston Hotel, Amsterdam (curated by Jan van de Ploeg)


  • Opposite the Studio of Contemporary Art
    Level 2, 6 Kingdon St, Auckland (with John Appleton, Paula Booker and James A. Wallace)
  • Zip
    Level 2, 6 Kingdon St, Auckland (with John Appleton, Paula Booker, CXD, Scott Everson and James A. Wallace)


  • Only the Lonely
    Artspace, Auckland (performance for Hadleigh Averill)
  • Relocation
    Artstation, Auckland (performance for Hadleigh Averill)

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